Why We Need Your Support

Suicide is the silent killer of our youth. It’s the second leading cause of death among youth. We are working with the Government to change things but as yet there is no financial support from the Government for this serious public health and social issue.

We can’t wait forever. Lives are being lost even now, as you read this article. The problem is not dealt with and it is not going away. 96% of Canadians polled by Harris Decima on behalf of Your Life Counts stated they felt we need to talk about suicide and suicide prevention without fear or shame. 

The only way for us to move forward right now is with the help of Corporate Canada, Foundations and concerned Canadians.

YLC is a proven strategy that saves lives but we need your help, today.

So many people know about the tragedies that happen around suicide in our communities yet they feel powerless to do anything about it. By teaming up with YLC you are doing something about it. Your donation counts. Please give your best donation today and know that you are doing something about it. And it feels good!.

YLC Needs Your Help: A Message from Investors Group

I became involved when a mutual friend brought us together so I could assist YLC with some of its fundraising and financial needs. I have done a lot of work in third world countries with children as I have always felt that kids deserve a chance to be kids before they have to deal with the stresses and problems adults face. YLC deals with youth locally and further afield who are overwhelmed with problems to the point of considering taking their own life.

I was blessed with a great childhood – a large contingent would argue I am still not done it yet –  without those kinds of troubling issues. As not-for-profit organization YLC is reliant on donations and is facing the same issues many charities are dealing with right now during the economic slowdown. YLC’s efforts may not always be openly visible since a person who opted not to end his or her life as a result of contact with YLC will likely not publicize that fact.

I was shocked at the large number of youth YLC deals with and the scale of the problem. So many of us will probably regard suicide as someone else’s problem. But it could be your son, your daughter or someone you know who needs YLC today. Please help ensure YLC has the funding it needs to provide life saving help and hope to a youth today.

 Mark Ewert, Senior Investment Consultant, Investors Group