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We all need a Reason to Live. Just on reason is enough to keep us alive.

Too often, people lose contact with their Reason to Live.

YLC helps people reconnect with their Reason(s) to Live - and we save lives.

Read our Reasons to Live Campaign Document here.

What can I do to help right now?

- be sure to read the Reasons to Live Document

- make a donation

- tell your friends and colleagues - tweet/ facebook/ email them - let them know. If everyone reading this makes a donation we will be in good shape. Please, don't leave it to someone else. If we all do that then nothing happens.

We so often hear people say that they feel powerless to do anything about the problem of suicide as the problem is 'so great'. The good news is that whatever you do in a positive way will make a difference. It's only by working together that we will make a difference. We encourage you not to wait or put it off any longer. The needs are huge. The opportunity to save lives through Your Life Counts is very real. We work to keep people alive each and every day. A lot of people depend on us for support. We can't do this work without help coming from others. Yes, we need funding and that's important. But we need help in all kinds of other ways too.

Here's some immediate ways you can help us today:

  • Make a donation - click here
  • Learn - click here
  • Get trained - click here
  • Volunteer - click here
  • Share your story - click here
  • Fundraising and awareness building
  • Organize a special event in your community
  • Help us spread the word  about Your Life Counts - everyone knows someone...the person you know may hold the key to unlocking resources for YLC. You won't know until you ask.
  • Like us on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter

What ideas do you have? Please contact us so that we can explore ways forward with you. Thank you!

Title photo courtesy of Angela Vincent