Your Situation?

Hi there

No matter who you are or where you're from the fact is you've found your way here to the 'Help' section of Your Life Counts. We're glad you're here - please stay and help us to help you get through the difficulties you are facing right now.

Remember no-one is suicidal all the time. If you are feeling as if you are a danger to yourself or to anyone else and you can't trust yourself then please call your emergency number now. It is important you are not alone and that you get the help you need to get through this time. Ok? 

Please be reassured we're here for you. There's no pressure. We're here to listen and to respond as best we can.

Everyone's situation is different, choose one of the links below that best describes you and read a special message especially for you:

For Youth

For Adults

Concerned Family & Friends

For Survivors Of An Attempt

For Survivors of Loss

Don't give up! Hold steady and keep going. Your life is very precious. Even though you may not think so right now and you may even think that no-one needs you we're here to reassure you that you are needed. Your life has value, purpose and meaning. We'll help you get back in touch with your reasons to live. It's also important for you to know that here on the YLC team we have all had our lives hurt by suicide. There is life ahead. There is hope.  We're here for YOU!

Your friends at Your Life Counts.


Title photo courtesy of Scott Kinmartin