For Youth


Hi there!

If you are feeling like no-one cares don't believe it!!

Your life really does count. We care about you. YLC really is here for you and can help you get the help you need. No matter what you are going through we are here for YOU! I know how tough things can be - I've been there too...that's why I'm encouraging you to stay alive.

There's nothing to big or too small for you to share with us. We're here to listen. We're taking you seriously. We're not judging you. We care and you can communicate with us anonymously and securely online. You're not alone - we're here for you.

If you feel you are in danger of hurting yourself or anyone else then please don't delay and call the emergency services now...

We are here for you. Reach out now to our Online Lifeline. OK?

Take care


Here are some of the things you can do right now:

  • Make a Promise To Live - get your family and friends to make this promise too!
  • Read this article with helpful tips on how to cope right now.
  • Reach out to us via the YLC Online Lifeline
  • Call a crisis line – here’s a directory
  • If you are a victim of sexting - online bullying - you can find out what to do immediately at a dedicated website for this serious issue here.
  • Visit our Knowledge Bank and find out more about particular problems we can all face in our day to day life.
  • Learn more about our school programs
  • Read some personal stories to encourage you to keep going
  • Share your story to encourage others to keep going
  • Read our Newsblog for more life affirming news and views
  • Consider ways of getting involved in our work to help others stay alive – many of us find that helping others, helps and encourages us as individuals
  • Keep going and don't give up!
Title photo courtesy of Ulisseya