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Welcome to the home of the Your Life Counts Online Lifeline

Reaching out for help is really hard when life is tough...we understand... no matter what you’re going through, the YLC Online Lifeline is a safe and secure place for you to share your worries/ concerns with us confidentially and anonymously just as you feel comfortable...we're here to listen and respond as best we can. Nothing's too big or too small - you don't have to be in crisis to contact us!  

Please note we are not an instant message/ chat service, at this time, for all kinds of good reasons. When you contact us we encourage you to honestly share as much about your situation as you can as this really helps us to understand where you're at - we know this is not always an easy thing to do but it helps us as we respond back to you. We encourage you to take time to think and write out your message to us. You may find it easier to write in a Word doc and then cut and paste your message in to the message field.

We have simple rules in our communications with you - we understand your situation may be deeply upsetting -  we ask that you remain civil with us. Threatening and abusive comments are unacceptable and will result in a polite but firm warning. Further such behaviours will result in a ban from our service. We are sorry to have to mention this but unfortunately a few people have stepped over the line of decency and so we have to take appropriate action(s) when necessary. If you have questions please read the q&a link below or contact us.

No matter what your situation - keep going. You will make it through but you must keep putting one step in front of the other and keep taking one day at a time

To access the Online Lifeline Log in by creating a user account and password or sign in with Facebook below. Please remember we are not a chat service.

Take care,
Your friends at Your Life Counts.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE ONLINE LIFELINE? - CLICK HERE Please don't be afraid to reach out to us! There's nothing wrong in reaching out for help and advice. Whatever your situation, we're here for you. Many of us on the team have been through stuff in our lives so we understand more than you may realize! We're here for you for as long as you need us. We're listening to you and taking you seriously - because we care about you.

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