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Reaching out for help is really hard when life is tough...we understand... no matter what you’re going through, the YLC Online Lifeline is a safe place for you to share your worries/ concerns with us confidentially, anonymously and one on one just as you feel comfortable...we're here to listen and respond as best we can.  Please understand we are not an instant chat service and we do not have a chat room. We need you to take the time to share with us as we want to understand and respond as thoughtfully as we can. If you want to talk to someone by phone, call one of the numbers listed here.


Many of us on the team have been through stuff in our lives so we understand more than you may realize! We're listening to you and taking you seriously - because we care about you. When you contact us we encourage you to honestly share as much about your situation as you can as this really helps us to understand and respond as thoughtfully as we can...

Here's a few questions to consider:

- your age and gender? who do you have around you? family, friends? what does home look like to you? what's been going on? how would you describe it all? have there been any major changes/upheavals/ losses in your life that you can share with us? have you been to see your doctor recently? are you on any prescription medications? do you have any addictions? are you having counselling at this time? what does a typical day look like to you? what are the people and things in life that are important to you? anything else you feel might be helpful? ...taking time to share a bit with us is appreciated.

Keep going and do not give up! Hope never leaves us so don't let go of hope. Wrap your arms around hope and do not let go.

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Take care,
Your friends at Your Life Counts.


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