Your Life Counts has saved well over 800 lives from suicide since 2000 without government funding and without main line funding.
We’re in a battle on the home front against suicide AND stigma. It’s a battle that is being fought daily and has been under resourced for far too long. There are a million reasons to give and yet it takes just one reason for someone to live – to stay alive.
We need an army of caring people to come to our aid and to support this major effort.  The voices of our veterans are now being heard. We are on the front lines as we seek to rescue the precious lives of our overwhelmed brother and sisters from their hopelessness and despair.
We need your support today. Your donation of any amount counts. No amount is too big or too small. We must prevail in this battle. And we can only win the fight against suicide and stigma together.
We are counting on your help, your support and your advocacy. Get involved and urge others to get involved.
Please, make your donation today. 

How your donation is used

YLC targets donated funds to the delivery of services and programs. As an organization we have been very fortunate to have the probono support of some amazing organizations and so funds received are generally able to be applied directly to the front lines of our work where help is needed most.

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