Your Life Counts! International Inc (YLC) is an award winning mental health and wellness organization with charitable status established in 2000.

Over the past few years YLC has been working increasingly with military personnel, veterans, emergency responders and families. In early 2014 the Your Life Counts Military Directorate (YLC MD) was formed as an official program of Your Life Counts! International Inc with the objective of developing dedicated life affirming resources for the military community in collaboration with existing official resources.

The YLC MD program was soft launched in early 2014 in consultation with individuals in the military community, the Survivors of Suicide Loss group, suicide attempt survivor groups and YLC Advisory Board Chair Dr Adrian Hill, past president of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. A world leading team of advisors and experts underpins all aspects of the operations of YLC and YLC MD. YLC also works with several leading universities and authorities in North America and around the world.

YLC MD continues to steadily develop as a charitable program under the YLC umbrella recognized as an expert organization with a history of innovation, success and award recognition since 2000.