The Your Life Counts Military Directorate is dedicated to listening, helping and supporting serving personnel, veterans and their families, who are suffering from the effects of service trauma.

For some people life's problems and challenges may be overwhelming to the point of crisis. We work supportively and effectively in collaboration with all branches of the armed services - Army, Navy, Air Force.

YLC MD has access to proven trusted resources through the Your Life Counts organization in collaboration with the Department of National Defence (DND) and Veterans Affairs (VA) based assets, along with the public health system and other community health agencies. 

The Your Life Counts Military Directorate (YLC MD) is an official program of Your Life Counts! International Inc - an award winning mental health and wellness organization. YLC MD is based in Niagara, Ontario with a national and international outreach.

Founded in 2000 Your Life Counts, a registered Canadian charity, has the endorsement of The Mental Health Commission of Canada among others and had a catalytic role in the initiation and development of federal Bill c300 working with Harold Albrecht MP and other Parliamentarians. CRA # 13589-1257-RR0001. Find out more about Your life Counts here.

YLC MD saves lives:

"Thank you for challenging me tonight. You are right in saying my family are my big reason to live. I just wasn't thinking clearly. If you had not challenged me tonight, I would not be here now. My wife would be a widow and my kids would not have their dad. How I lost sight of that I'll never know. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!..."

- an army veteran with no prior history of any diagnosed mental illness who contacted YLC MD via the YLC Online Lifeline.