YLC Response Centre



This program is an "online lifeline" in which professional level facilitators respond to communications received directly from our website or referrals from other community agencies.

Your Life Counts is an ‘extreme listener’ providing unconditional support and response online to people who are often unsteady and some in crisis.

We  often represent the last strand of hope to a person who wants to let go their grip on life.

We respond to all communications received for as long as we are needed. Sometimes we do have to intervene and liaise with the emergency services. As a reporting agency we are duty bound by law to respond when there is reasonable cause to suspect that an individual’s life is in danger and/ or they appear to be a danger to others.

This program depends on the input of volunteers each of whom are working on health provision, social services, law enforcement or in post graduate psychology/ counseling studies at Universities such as McMaster University, Trinity Western University, Webster University and the University of Edinburgh. Rory Butler, the founder of YLC, is a professional member of the American Counseling Association and an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh. Rory currently provides oversight to the day-to-day responses.