The name  Your Life Counts "BULLY-180" refers to turning bullies around and the name was devised by YLC Founder, Rory Butler.

This exciting, effective and proven program is facilitated by several leading YLC speakers with their own personal stories and experiences of bullying.

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Josephine Murphy

Josephine Murphy

As a schools speaker with YLC BULLY-180, Josephine shares of her experience of how bullying developed in her homeland of Rwanda into the most extreme tragedy of genocide.

Josephine comments: “many young people suffer in different ways from being bullied… we shouldn’t let this get to the point where children die by suicide because they think that there is nowhere to go for help. Youth need to know there is always hope and that they will be listened to and taken seriously… I believe passionately in the work of Your Life Counts. YLC truly believes in our youth and puts words into action. YLC saves lives. I’m proud to be associated with Your Life Counts and look forward to saving many precious young lives together.

Bully-180 News and Information

Help stop these tragic losses

The recent tragic loss of 15 year old Amanda Todd to apparent suicide should resolve us all the more to providing help and support where it is needed most. Our hearts go out to Amanda's family and her community as they seek to cope with their grief and loss. Our hearts also go out to all who have suffered in so many ways.

Watch the excellent anti bullying music video 'STRONGER' by 15 yr old Megan Landry

YLC Founder Rory Butler comments “Megan’s song speaks to the serious and potentially lethal problem of bullying among our youth. Great job Megan!” The video to “STRONGER” was also produced by Megan. It needs to be seen and heard so, please stop what you’re doing and view it now! It's amazing!

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