Learning Centre

Welcome to the Your Life Counts Learning Centre where you will find an ever growing resource base dealing with all kinds of day to day issues.

We hope you will find the YLC Learning Centre helpful but we do understand there may be aspects of your situation that you may be finding very hard to deal with. That's why our Online Lifeline is here for you. Please feel comfortable to share/ vent with us confidentially - we're here for you!

To access the Learning Centre please select the topic you are interested in and follow the links.

Remember that life is an ongoing learning process for us all - the more we know about different subjects the better prepared we are to deal with situations when they arise. However even when we are well prepared life can sometimes throw us a curve ball and it's in those times that we need to hold steady and not panic. There's always a way forward.

Keep going!



Title photo courtesy of Elena Fidanovska