Working Together

"Working together" are words so easily said but not so easily practiced. Your Life Counts has a long history of working collaboratively and working together.

Your Life Counts places emphasis on capacity building by pursuing strategic relationships with corporate, media ,academic and community partners to leverage its development and response capabilities. 

The success of this approach is reflected in strength of our relationships and the goodwill around our organization that has garnered several million dollars worth worth of service in kind since we started in 2000. As a volunteer driven organization this has been key to our abilities to research, develop and establish the growing life saving resource that YLC is today.

The leading design studio Peapod Studios has adopted YLC as their charity partner project and this website is one example of the amazing work that Team Peapod do for Your Life Counts. They help provide high level technical, creative design and media support to help build our capacity and grow our network of partnerships. 

As we work together we will change or world. Join us in our efforts.



Title photo courtesy of Omar Sharif