Our Ambassadors

Ambassadors for Your Life Counts provide our organization with a connection to media, music and popular culture. They represent YLC and support the cause by raising awareness about the problem of suicide and the need for prevention. Get to know our Ambassadors!

Peter Youngblood-Hills

Peter Youngblood-HillsPeter Youngblood-Hills is an actor, producer, photographer and artist best known so far for his work in the character of Sergeant "Shifty" Powers in the blockbusting TV mini series “Band of Brothers” and his role in the film “The Beach” alongside Leo DiCaprio, among other excellent work in film and the arts. Currently, Peter resides in Hollywood, Los Angeles and is working with YLC to spread the word about our work.
Peter shares, “Everyone faces difficult times in life, I know – I’ve been there too. YLC is there for youth when they feel like no-one else is and I encourage you to support this amazing charity. From volunteering to donations, your contribution is invaluable to YLC’s life-saving mission.”
Some of Peter's Achievements in Film:
  1. "Foyle's War"…. James Taylor (1 episode, 2006) - Invasion (2006) TV episode …. James Taylor
  2. The Marksman (2005) (V) …. Hargreaves… aka "Nuclear Target" – Europe (English title)
  3. Submerged (2005) (V) …. Doc Shock
  4. Michel Vaillant (2003) …. Steve Warson… aka "Need for Speed" – Egypt (English title) (TV title)
  5. AKA (2002) …. Benjamin
  6. "Band of Brothers" …. Sgt. Darrel 'Shifty' Powers / … (10 episodes, 2001) – Produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg
  7. The Last of the Blonde Bombshells (2000) (TV) …. Al
  8. The Beach (2000/I) …. Zeph — starring Leo DiCaprio
  9. Hideous Kinky (1998) …. Hippy… aka "Goodbye Morocco" – Japan (English title)
  1. The 11th Hour (2007)… aka "Leonardo DiCaprio Presents The 11th Hour" – International (English title) (long title)
Read more about Peter at IMDB or at his personal website, www.peteryoungblood.com.

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Marc Kajouji

Marc Kajouji
Marc Kajouji is a man on a mission.
His beautiful sister Nadia died by suicide as a result of being encouraged into suicide by someone she met over the internet.
“I believe with all my heart that Nadia would be alive today if Nadia has met Your Life Counts online rather than the person who encouraged her to end her life when she was vulnerable and at her lowest point.”
Marc speaks for many families who have lost a loved one to suicide and is determined to help message our youth today that no matter what they are going through there is hope “YLC is hear for you. Even if you don’t believe there is hope let us believe with you for the hope that is there and help us to help you come out of your darkness.”

Puja Uppal

Puja Uppal"I still remember trying to choose which way I was going to do it, surfing the net looking for tips on the least painful and quickest way to end it all. I only wish at that time I had stumbled upon YLC's website listing reasons why I should live instead of the million of websites listing reasons why I should die. I managed to survive that time around but the fight to want to stay alive hasn't been easy. That's why I'm throwing my support behind YLC a group that advocates for your life.  I'm a former Producer at CTV and I'm also an actor. I believe the really dark days are beyond me however depression for me is an illness that I will always need to manage but with the help of family and friends I know it's possible to lead a happy life. I look forward to working with YLC and helping others to make it through the tough times."

Steve Augustine

Steve Augustine has toured all of Canada, the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and many stops in Europe as drummer and spokesman of the bands Thousand Foot Krutch and FmStatic, playing 2000 shows over the past 10 years. Steve has shared with thousands of youth the important and life-saving message of Your Life Counts. His band features a link to YLC on their website home page and directs youth to the support that YLC offers.
Steve has always had a love for drums and rhythm.  At age 2 he was counting in songs on the radio, and asking for drums to play.  By age 5 his Mom was tired of all the damage he was doing to their pots, pans and Tupperware, so she bought him a drum set from the local toy store.  Steve never looked back, playing 3-5 hours daily, not to practice, but just because he loved it so much. It wasn't long before Steve got the attention of a few local bands, and by age 12 started to play out at churches, clubs and camps whenever he could.  By 15 he had recorded with his high school band (Lennon Road), and by 17 had a full schedule of working by day, and playing drums by night. 
Get to Know Steve!

What's most important to you? : My family
What's your favourite food?: Fettucine Alfredo
What's your favourite sport?: Ice hockey
Steve Augustine
What's your favourite clothing?: G Star & Puma Shoes
What's your favourite thing to do?: In the summer time I love to ride motor bikes to Niagara Falls and come back for ice cream with the family afterwards
What's your most embarassing moment?: On stage when the computer freezes – and everyone knows I'm running it!
What are your words to live by?: Always be honest and up front. Your peers will respect you. Always do the right thing.
You can read more about Steve at Yamaha Canada's Music Spotlight Artist Page or you can follow him on twitter.

Kyle Marcelli

Kyle MarcelliKyle Marcelli is an Ohio-based American Le Mans Series Racing Driver. Kyle enthusiastically supports the theme of YLC “Life’s a Race – Start Your Engines!” which will help generate more public awareness about YLC and suicide prevention to teens across Canada and the USA. Kyle says, “Iʼm very happy and energetic to be a part of the YLC family, I see this as a long term relationship and an ever growing venture for what is a well deserved and under recognized cause. Each time I speak with Rory or those within YLC, my heart is saddened by what is “real”, this stuff happens, many times in which could have been prevented. Iʼm eager to help extend a greater public awareness and work for change”.
Kyle began pursuit of his career in 2002 as  a competitor in the international Karting ranks. Since then he's acquired numerous wins, championships and awards, setting six international track records along the way. While Kyle's second home is the podium, his more permanent residence is in Barrie, Ontario. Following his career aspirations of auto racing, he's a consummate professional both on and off the track. Kyle represents his passion, sport, sponsors, supporters and fans proudly and effectively. He's winning, engaging and always visible. 
Kyle joined the YLC ambassador team in November 2010 and believes that the work of YLC is crucial to saving the lives of youth in Canada and across the world.
Read more about Kyle at www.kylemarcelli.com, join his facebook group or follow him on twitter.

Bill Oliver

Bill Oliver is a very modest, self effacing giant in the stunt world. He is an actor and a much sought after stuntman and stunt technician/ consultant worldwide.
Bill is a strong encourager of YLC and we're looking forward to working more closely with him.

Dale "Iron Man" Vranckx

Dale VranckxYouth are our future. If we don’t invest in them then what kind of a future will we all have. I’m in. YLC is an important and much needed organization. If you are deciding where to invest your support then please, invest in YLC – now.” – Dale “Iron Man” Vranckx.
Dale Vranckx is the holder of many land and sea speed and endurance records. He’s the kind of guy who makes up his mind to achieve something and has the iron will determination to see it through, no matter what.
YLC’s association with Dale goes back over a decade with involvements in several high level events. YLC is grateful to Dale and his wife Angie for their unwavering encouragement and support.

Pat Buckley

Pat BuckleyPat is New Zealand’s best known youth speaker on North and South Islands. A survivor of several drug overdoses himself, Pat describes himself as a ‘man of colour’ …with tattoos from head to foot it’s a good description.
As head of the NZ based organization Amped4Life, Pat has teamed up with YLC to take our message with him into schools and communities wherever he goes.
We will be announcing more YLC Ambassadors as relationships build. If there is someone you know and feel he/she would make a great Ambassador for YLC please email us at info@yourlifecounts.org - thank you!

The late George Hamilton IV

Remembering with deep affection The 'International Ambassador of Country Music' George Hamilton IV who was a friend to YLC Founder Rory Butler for nearly 20 years. George sadly passed away in September 2014 but he lives on through his precious family, his music and his friends worldwide. Hear what George IV said about Your Life Counts here Find out more about George here. Rory Butler comments "I will be forever grateful to George IV for his inspiration, encouragement and sound advice. The Your Life Counts vision and mission of today is all the richer for the observations and thoughts of George IV."