Boards & Advisors

Our people are the life blood of YLC.

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Our team includes world leading authorities in suicide prevention; psychologists; doctors; nurses; social workers; police; counselors, youth and families; school teachers; consultants, graphic designers; programmers; analysts; writers; film producers; editors and many more. YLC has a growing advisory council and consults experts as required, creating an amazing combination. YLC has the right people to carry it to the next level; to be recognized as a leader in the prevention of suicide among our youth and families.

Our Founding Team (established in 2000)

  • Rory Butler, Founder of Your Life Counts! International Inc; a.k.a 'Your Life Counts' or "YLC', bio

    Our Founding Board Members were:

  • Rory Butler (Canada)
  • Mark Morin (Canada)
  • Jim Hewitt (Canada)
  • Brian Patterson (USA & Scotland, UK)

    Founding Patrons:

  • The late Colonel John A Butler MC TD & Mrs Sheila Butler (UK & Canada)
  • George Hamilton IV - the late George Hamilton IV - known as the International Ambassador of Country Music among such greats as Abilene and Canadian Pacific - a great friend, visioneer and mentor to Rory Butler & Your Life Counts
  • Mrs Ann Macpherson (UK)
  • Dennis Bruce bio (Canada)
  • The late Armando David Vacca & Mrs Lori Vacca (Canada)
  • Kirby Shieck, bio (Canada)
  • David (bio) & Mrs Susan Brown (Canada)
  • Rev Bruce & Mrs Margaret Thomson (UK)

Our Board of Directors

We are grateful to the following team of individuals who work to ensure that Your Life Counts is effective in our homes and our communities.

Executive Board
  • Mark Morin - founding board member; past Chair & Interim Chair; bio
  • Bill Karner, CA - Treasurer & Secretary - professional accountant
  • Corey Messom, Head of Digital Strategy, Sears Canada
  • Rory Butler - ex-officio - Your Life Counts! International Inc Founder & CEO, bio
  • Adam Opper - Executive Secretary

Our International Advisory Board

We are grateful to the following team of amazing people who help guide and advise the work of YLC.

  • Dr Adrian Hill, LSM, ADAC, CCGA, LLB, Juris.D., Chair of the YLC International Advisory Board; retired barrister; former President of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, author, speaker - lives in Canada & Mexico, bio
  • Michael H Clifton, LLP., Clifton Kok, Legal Counsel for Your Life Counts
  • Gil Dubinski - Financial Services Professional and special advisor to the Founder
  • Adrian Walker, Director, Venue Operations, LiveNation Canada
  • Kevin Bolibruck, Past Chair - retired professional hockey player & professional hockey coach 
  • Tara McCarthy, President & Founder, Neat Marketing Communications, Toronto
  • Barry Boyd, CEO, Personal & Corporate Identity Security
  • Dr Dan Reidenberg, Psy.D., FAPA, FACFEI, CRS, BCPC, CMT; Executive Director, Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (USA), bio
  • Professor Tracy Vaillancourt, Canada Research Chair in Children’s Mental Health and Violence Prevention, University of Ottawa; Professor, Department of Psychology, Neuroscience, & Behaviour, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON, bio
  • Professor Susan Sim, Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
  • Courtney Jessop, Teacher of Special Needs children
  • Jim Thomson, retired NHL player; YLC Ambassador, Speaker 'Dreams Do Come True' Program, bio
  • Kirby Shieck, O’Grady & Associates, Insurance Brokers, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, bio
  • John B Newman, Hong Kong & UK, bio
  • Marc Kajouji - brother of Nadia Kajouji - YLC Ambassador,Toronto, Ontario, bio
  • Professor Wendy Craig, Faculty of Psychiatry, Queen's University, bio
  • Penny Knapp, Training Consultant and Facilitator of Training for Your Life Counts in collaboration with Living Works.
  • Norma Medulun, Clinical Director, Addiction Recovery Program, Niagara Health System, ON, bio
  • Rev Ian Wells, Edinburgh, Scotland UK, bio
  • Rev Mark Nicholas, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, bio
  • Betty-Anne Brown, co-Founder of the Suicide Prevention Crisis Line in Hamilton; Founder member of the Suicide Prevention Community Council of Hamilton, bio
  • Michael A Williams, Director of Student Services, Thiel College, Greenville, Pennsylvania, USA, bio

Our Fund Development Cabinet

We are grateful to the following team of professionals past and present who help advise and shape our financial sustainability efforts.

  • Mark Ewert, Hon BBA, CFP, FMA, CIM, TEP Executive Financial Consultant, Investors Group Inc, Grimsby, ON, bio
  • Jens Casten - retired professional hockey player; financial coach
  • Roger Trull (Advisory) – V/P University Advancement (Retired), McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, bio
  • Professor Ken Wyman (Advisory); Coordinator, Postgraduate Fundraising & Volunteer Management Program, School of Media Studies & Information Technology, Humber College, bio

Our Ambassadors

With heartfelt thanks to:

  • George Hamilton IV - the late George Hamilton IV - known as the International Ambassador of Country Music among such greats as Abilene and Canadian Pacific - a great friend, visioneer and mentor to Rory Butler & Your Life Counts
  • We are grateful to the following team of public figures who work to spread the word about YLC.
  • George Hamilton V - country singer, recording artist, son of George IV and picking up his dad`s baton with Your Life Counts
  • Peter Youngblood-Hills, Hollywood actor, bio
  • Jim Thomson, bio
  • Marc Kajouji, bio
  • Stefanie Teitelman
  • Elizabeth Delve
  • Puja Uppal, bio
  • Alumni...
  • “Iron Man” Dale Vranckx, bio
  • Steve Augustine, bio
  • Kyle Marcelli, bio
  • ...and others in communities across North America and around the world.

Our Family & Friends Council

The YLC family includes family & friends of those who have lost a loved one...

The YLC Parent & Family Council was established in January 2007 to grow as a supportive resource for Parents, Siblings, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and anyone else who has lost a precious youth or young family member or friend to suicide. Our understanding of ‘family’ is wide and extends across our community without prejudice. The most important thing of all is for help and support to be available when needed – and that is why the Family & Friends Council has been developed – to help YLC build its Programs and Services with help from the people who have the deepest heart for this life affirming, life saving work. We have over 25 families who constitute the developing Family & Friends Council, including:…

  • Dr Adrian Hill, bio
  • Peggy Guiler-Delahunt
  • Penny Knapp
  • Lynn Keane, bio
  • Linda Y Young-Gardiner, former board member, YLC
  • Marc (bio) & Mohammed Kajouji
  • Betty-Anne Brown, bio
  • And others…

Our PR, Creative & Strategic Communications 

We are grateful to the following public relations and communications leaders who are helping or have helped us work to help us develop the YLC brand and our identity.

  • Tara McCarthy, President & Founder, Neat Marketing Communications, Toronto
  • Val Silva, Graphic Design Professional & Creative Director (volunteer), YLC, Toronto
  • Pam Hunt, Media Director (volunteer), south western Ontario
  • John MacIntosh, co-Founder, Hashtagio, Toronto
  • Karissa Boyd, Social Media & Fundraising professional, Toronto
  • Chris Mihalicz, co-owner Three Point Turn Inc, Toronto
  • Lance Slack, co-owner Three Point Turn Inc, Toronto
  • Nancy Vonk, Creative Director, Swim Inc bio