Who We Are

Individuals, families, academics, health care professionals, police, social workers, business people and many more — we are a concerned group of people from all walks of life who have come together to affirm our youth and families that their lives count. We have been building YLC since 2000.

YLC Mission Statement

"YOUR LIFE COUNTS (YLC) is a critical front line resource which helps people reconnect with their reasons to live. Via extensive life affirming online and offline resources, YLC is dedicated to preventing suicide, steadies attempt survivors and supports survivors of suicide loss. YLC is a key thought leader, creating and promoting leading edge, life-affirming strategies to meet the needs of individuals, including, ongoing empathic support, education, research, empowerment, training and advocacy through its resources, alliances, and programs worldwide."

What We Believe

Your Life Counts believes:

YOUR life has a purpose.

YOU have incredible potential.

YOU are valued.

YOU need to understand the importance of character issues such as integrity, honesty, responsibility, choices and consequences.

YOU need to know that nothing is ever so bad that you can’t work it through..that you don’t need to hurt yourself or anyone else..that there’s always someone who will listen and help you get the help you need to cope with life today and with life tomorrow… things do get better… and life can be fun too!

YOU need to know that love is really the greatest thing of all.

YOU need to know that there are people who care about you, who will listen and who are willing to help, unconditionally.

YOU need to know that being a responsible citizen enables YOU to make a positive contribution to society and to make a difference in the lives of others.

YOU need to know that you will never complete the race if you give up – life is all about keeping going… just keep going; persevere… no matter what…don't give up!

YLC Philosophy

Love  –  Trust  –  Truth  –  Change

Love – unconditionally reaching out to youth and families showing them that YLC cares about them – showing them love and kindness through ‘walking the talk’.

Trust – building relationship and trust so that the youth and families can open up their hurts and find direction and coping strategies in their lives.

Truth – truth about the hard hitting issues of life such as the real deal about STD’s; drugs; alcohol, etc.

Change – a healthy life style determined by healthy choices.

The health and well being of today’s YOUTH generation is paramount. 

The future of our world depends on YOU.

Our Approach

Your Life Counts is not about judging or labeling YOU – we are all about accepting you where you are today – unconditionally - whatever your circumstances, whatever your experience, whatever your nationality – we want to connect with you and earn your trust – to assure you that YLC is a ‘safe’ place to come to where your confidentiality will be respected and where you can boost your self confidence and self esteem to help you to make a difference in this world and become all that you can be.

We are completely colour blind – race, colour, creed is not ever an issue – we are all flesh and blood and each of us in the world community are in the human race that is life - the world can be a much better place when we all begin to accept each other and learn to respect and celebrate our differences and similarities. 

What a strange and frustratingly boring place this world would be if we were all the same!! 

We are concerned about YOU! 

As individuals and as a community – local, national and international – we must do more – much, much more.

We need you to know that your life counts! Even in the midst of everything that happens in life you can still make it. You can get through all the stuff. You just need to keep going – no matter what. 

As you keep going and persevere you will build up your endurance and stamina and you will be stronger to cope with life. 

That’s why we’re here and we’re here for you!

Our Core Values

Your Life Counts exists to build hope; boost self-esteem and self-confidence among our youth and families find coping strategies for life today and for life tomorrow…

Your Life Counts embraces innovation and creativity on the leading edge of technology to steady and affirm youth and families. 

Your Life Counts recognizes the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual components of all human beings and is committed to providing services which encourage the nurture and growth of the individual. A cornerstone of YLC is a dedication to integrity and the provision of services and care of the highest standard. 

Your Life Counts recognizes the tremendous potential which lies within our youth – we believe each individual needs to discover their purpose in life because a clear sense of purpose helps fuel the limitless possibility of human achievement. 

Your Life Counts respects the privacy and confidentiality of the individual and recognizes that all individuals have the right to choose their own path in life. 

Your Life Counts is deeply committed to making a difference in the lives of youth and families Investing in them today helps build stronger individuals, families, communities and countries. 

Your Life Counts believes in the intrinsic worth, meaning and value of every human life and that each individual is worthy of being treated with dignity and respect at all times. 

Your Life Counts is dedicated to delivering its service unconditionally without discrimination of race, age, ethnicity, language, country of origin, disability, religion, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, economic status or political affiliation. 

Your Life Counts is committed to the highest levels of professionalism, competency and accountability dedicated to a process of continual assessment, evaluation and improvement. 

Your Life Counts is an Ethical Fund Raising organization. 

Your Life Counts is committed to achieving long-term sustainability through strategic growth.



Title photo courtesy of Veronica Rodriguez