Brief overview

What does it take to prevent suicide? It takes all of us, together. Just as "it takes a village to raise a child" - so does suicide prevention. It takes a community to help those who are struggling with life, to reconnect with their reasons to live. And it needs a society willing to talk about suicide prevention and committed to taking action. 


Your Life Counts serves a critical role for all of us in preventing suicide. In the landscape of integrated mental health medicine, it stands firm in steadying individuals in emotional distress, triaging their critical care needs and working with emergency services and other front line agencies as at a time when minutes and hours count. 


YLC provides a safety net to individuals on behalf of us all, providing expertise when we may not know what to do. 


YLC aims to be there before a tragedy occurs. YLC aims to steady people and help them access long term support and care at a time when they are at their most vulnerable .YLC is active daily in suicide prevention, intervention and postvention -supporting individuals and families who have lost loved ones to suicide AND giving ongoing support to individuals who have engaged in self harm or attempted suicide.


For every suicide death there are 22 attempts. That's a lot of people. And a lot of suffering. YLC has responded to over 7,000 cries for help online and offline in the past year alone and since2000 has likely prevented nearly one thousand suicide deaths.


YLC works!

Your Life Counts has won awards and broad recognition for their whole person approach to steadying people, nurturing courage and resiliency and reassuring individuals that adversity, challenge and perseverance are all part of what it is to be human. And helping thousands of our friends, neighbours, children and family find hope and reasons for living.And helping thousands of our friends, neighbours, children and family find hope and reasons for living. 


What is the R2Live Campaign all about?


It’s an ongoing, global movement that is mobilizing individuals and families through the power of social media to share their reasons to live and help provide much needed funding to Your Life Counts. With this help, Your Life Counts can build on our crucial front line work, expand our exceptionally talented team and most importantly, save more lives each day. R2Live is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and save lives. And it starts with each of us taking action.